¿Cómo pagar la compra?

Puedes pagar con efectivo a la entrega de tu producto o acordar directamente con el vendedor. Cuando compres, simplemente eliges el que más te convenga.

Te recomendamos:

  • Evitar usar servicios de transferencia de dinero que no permitan verificar la identidad de tu contraparte.
  • Asegurarte de que el titular de la cuenta bancaria en la que vayas a depositar coincida con los datos de contacto del vendedor.
  • Guardar los comprobantes de pago.
  • No pagar un recibo enviado por un vendedor. Al terminar la compra podrás imprimir tu propio recibo.
¿Cómo recibir o retirar el producto?

Podrás ver las formas de entrega que ofrece el vendedor en la publicación. Cuando compres, simplemente eliges la que más te convenga.

Quiero que me lo envíen

En la publicación verás si el vendedor hace envíos y cuáles son los costos. Si no tiene información, pregúntale antes de comprar.

Quiero retirarlo

Si el vendedor lo ofrece entre sus preferencias de entrega, puedes retirarlo en persona.

Te recomendamos encontrarte con el vendedor en un lugar concurrido y revisar el producto para confirmar que es exactamente lo que compraste.

¿Cuándo y cómo calificar al vendedor?

Puedes hacerlo desde tu listado de Compras.

A través de tu calificación, sabremos si tuviste algún problema con la compra y te ayudaremos a resolverlo. Por eso, califica después de recibir y revisar el producto (no antes), o cuando hayan pasado algunos días y estés seguro de que la compra no se concretará.

Agregar stock, pausar, eliminar y reactivar una publicación

Puedes hacer todo esto desde tu “listado de publicaciones”. Si tienes muchas, te recomendamos usar el editor masivo.

Agregar stock

Las publicaciones quedan inactivas automáticamente cuando se quedan sin stock.

Si vendes productos nuevos o sin especificar, podrás reactivar tus publicaciones agregando stock de forma individual, o masivamente, desde el editor masivo.

Si, en cambio, vendes productos usados, tendrás que crear una nueva publicación.


Si quieres pausar tu publicación ten en cuenta que el tiempo de exposición de tu publicación Gratuita seguirá corriendo, aunque no aparezca en los listados.


Puedes eliminar una publicación siempre que esté inactiva. Ten en cuenta que una vez eliminada, no podrás recuperarla.

Republicar un producto

Puedes republicar sin cambios o modificar la publicación antes de hacerlo.

Si está inactiva, y quieres reactivarla, asegúrate de hacerlo antes de que pasen 15 días, de esa forma vas a mantener las ventas, visitas y preguntas pendientes. Ten en cuenta que si editas el título lo consideraremos una publicación nueva, y va a perder la cantidad de visitas y ventas acumuladas.

How do I check my order statuses?
Simply hover the cursor over your profile to activate the drop down bar and click on “Purchases”. This opens up your Purchase History page where you can access details of orders that you have placed, including invoice ID, timestamp, item, qty, delivery method and order status.
How do I make a credit/debit card payment?
Click the shopping cart on the top menu bar. After selecting the items that you want to checkout, fill in your delivery details which include your name, notification email, contact number and delivery address. If you are using an account, these details should already be prepopulated for you. Next, review the order details once last time before clicking “Proceed to payment”. Check the payment details and click “Pay now”. A pop up box would appear so that you can fill in your credit card details. Once the payment is done, you will be redirected back to GaleriaHumboldt’s site.
Are the credit/debit card payments safe?
GaleriaHumboldt does not store nor handle any credit card details on our site. Our PCI level 1 compliant partners hold all your financial data securely; no one can access it, not even us!
How do I know that my online payment is secure?
GaleriaHumboldt uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which ensures that all connections on GaleriaHumboldt’s server remain encrypted. This explains why the website address begins with “https” instead of “http”. Our website and app is secured using a RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate. This ensures all information you send using our app will be encrypted. Please click the “padlock” icon on the web browser for more details on the security certificate. GaleriaHumboldt also do not store any credit card details and payments are processed through Stripe. Our PCI level 1 compliant partners hold all your financial data securely; no one can access it, not even us!
Can I cancel my order and get a refund?
All sales made on GaleriaHumboldt are considered to be final and binding. Thus we do not accept any order cancellations once the order has been paid.Please contact the seller directly if you need to have your order cancelled. It is up to the seller’s discretion whether he/she will allow a cancellation and provide a full refund excluding any transaction fees that have already been incurred. In addition, do note that the admin fee collected by the GaleriaHumboldt is a fixed commission for facilitating a sale and thus will not be refunded.However, in rare cases where the actual item has significant discrepancies from the item description or is undelivered, please refer to our dispute policy below.
I did not receive my item, what am I supposed to do?
If you did not receive an item, you need to make a report to the seller by contacting him/her directly. The seller should address your concern and provide updates on the delivery of the item and its tracking information. If you find that the seller’s response is unsatisfactory, GaleriaHumboldt will step in to mediate. You should always communicate through the admin so that you will be protected by our Terms of Service.
The item condition has significant discrepancies from what was stated in the item description. Am I able to get a refund?
If there are any significant discrepancies in the item, you should contact the seller directly. The seller will address your concern and offer a solution, such as offering a replacement or trading for another item.
If both you and the seller have agreed on returning the item, you should take note of the following.
  • You must return the item in the exact same condition in which it was received.

  • It is your responsibility as the buyer to pay for the return cost of shipping.
  • You, as the buyer, need to pay for any customs charges incurred on the returned item.
If you are unsatisfactory with the resolution provided by the seller, you can request GaleriaHumboldt to mediate for you.
As part of the mediation process, the admin will review the chat history, item description, photos of the item provided by both you and the seller, and any other information about the item that you and the seller have provided. You should always communicate through the admin so that you will be protected by our Terms of Service.
How do I sign up as a seller?
Simply click on the “BE A SELLER” tab on the top menu bar.
1. Sign up by using either your Facebook or Google+ account
2. Fill up your profile details
3. Add a delivery address (your item will be sent to this delivery address when you purchase an item from GaleriaHumboldt as a buyer)
4. Link with your Stripe account (this is the account that you will receive your payments with)
5. Add your delivery options and/or your preferred pick-up location
6. Click save

Congratulations, you are now a seller on GaleriaHumboldt and can start uploading your first item. <
How do I sell something on GaleriaHumboldt?
Simply click on “BE A SELLER” on the top menu and sign up from there! Once you have filled in all the mandatory fields, you will be able to start listing your items immediately!
1. Upload the items that you want to sell. Set your price, category and choose the delivery methods/pick-up locations for this item
2. Be informed immediately when someone has purchased your item
3. Payment made by the buyer, minus the transaction clip to GaleriaHumboldt, will be transferred to you immediately
4. Fulfill your order and update your buyers on the latest status using our order management system
5. Get useful business insights such as your sales history, best-selling item and other analytics to optimize your business
How do I list an item?
You can list an item by clicking on “BE A SELLER” on the top menu bar and signing up as a GaleriaHumboldt seller. Once you have successfully on-boarded as a seller, click on “upload” under the “Seller” drop down box.
Provide us with all the relevant details such as the item category & sub-category, name, price, description, quantity, image and the delivery options.
Once you are happy with your listing, click on “SAVE” and your listing will be published.
So what are you waiting for? Start listing your first item on GaleriaHumboldt now!
Can I denote my items in another currency?
No, unfortunately not. The current default currency on GaleriaHumboldt is PEN, and we do not accept any other currencies at this point in time. Do set up your Stripe account in Peru and configure the currency in Stripe as PEN. If not, you might incur additional charges arising from foreign exchange differences between PEN and the currency in your Stripe account.
Why can’t I log in to my seller dashboard?
If you can’t log in to your seller dashboard, it might be because you have been banned by GaleriaHumboldt. You can raise a case by contacting GaleriaHumboldt directly.
How do I edit my item information?
1. On your seller menu, click on the “Your Items” tab to access all your items.
2. Choose the item you want to edit, and click on the sign.
3. You will be redirected to your specific listing’s details page.
4. From there, you may edit any details you would like.
5. Once you are happy with the new details, click on “Save” and your edits will be reflected.
Can I add a few delivery addresses, delivery options and pick-up locations?
Yes, you can definitely do so. If you add more than one delivery address during the sign up process, you have the choice of selecting your preferred address during the checkout process when you purchase an item from GaleriaHumboldt as a buyer.
If you add more than one delivery options and/or your pick-up locations, your customer has the choice of selecting their preferred option when purchasing an item from you. You can always add more delivery options or pick-up locations by first navigating to your user settings through you profile’s drop down bar before clicking on the “Delivery methods” tab. Alternatively, you can add new options whenever you are uploading items onto GaleriaHumboldt.
What is the purchasable button for?
If you receive any complaints from customers regarding a particular item or it is still not ready for sale at a point in time, you can temporarily remove it from the marketplace using the purchasable function. Once you switched the purchasable button to “NO”, your item will no longer be visible and searchable on your marketplace. In addition, buyers will not be able to check out the non-purchasable item.
Why can’t I find the right category for my item?
You are only able to add an item under a particular category or sub-category if it has been created by us. If you can’t find the right category for your items, don’t worry! Simply drop GaleriaHumboldt an email, we will review your request and add in the category for you.
How do I keep track of my sales?
Click the “Sales” tab on the seller menu to access your sales page. Here, you are able to view the total quantity and revenue earned for each item that you have sold.
How can I keep track of orders that I receive?
Click the “Orders” tab on the seller menu to access your orders page. You are able to view the relevant details for each item order that you receive, including the Order ID, Invoice ID, Timestamp, Item, Quantity purchased. Click on any payment ID to dive into greater details.
Anytime you have completed a certain action to fulfill the order, you can change the order status by clicking on the drop down bar. In the event that you are fulfilling multiple orders at the same time, you can also mass update the order statuses. Simply check the boxes of the relevant orders and click on the “Change Status” button.
What do the different order statuses mean?
For pick up, the order statuses are:
1. Paid – after the buyer has successfully made a payment, an invoice ID and order ID would automatically be created and each item order status would be tagged as paid.
2. Ready for pick-up – after you have picked and packed, you can change the item’s order status to “Ready for pick-up”. The buyer will receive an email notification to remind him to pick-up his item at his selected pick-up location.
3. Completed – once the buyer has picked-up his item, you can set the item’s order status to “Completed”.
4. Refunded – you can set the item’s order status to “Refunded” when you have made a refund to the buyer.

For delivery, the order statuses are:
1. Paid – after the buyer has successfully make a payment, an invoice ID and order ID would be automatically created, and each item order status would be tagged as paid.
2. Delivered – after you have shipped/couriered/delivered the item, you can set the item’s order status to “Delivered”. The buyer will then receive an email notification that his item is on its way.
3. Refunded– you can set the item order status to “Refunded” when you have made a refund to the buyer.
Are there any subscription fees or listing fees on GaleriaHumboldt?
There are no listing fees or subscription fees charged, so you can list as many item as your like. However, you will be charged a transaction fee for each transaction made. Drop GaleriaHumboldt an email to ask about the transaction fee.
How do I receive my Payout/Payment?
Stripe will automatically credit any Payout/Payment directly to your Stripe account after every successful transaction.Stripe will transfer funds to your bank account based on the schedule listed in your dashboard. For example, “Daily — 7 day rolling basis” would mean that charges processed on 1st March would be grouped together and deposited in your account on 8th March, and “Weekly (Monday) — 2 business day rolling basis” would mean that charges processed before a given Thursday will be grouped together and deposited in your account on the following Monday.Your transfer schedule can be configured to simplify your accounting. We currently offer the option for funds to be transferred daily, weekly (on a custom day of the week), or monthly (on a custom day of the month).You can see all attempted transfers made by Stripe to your bank account on your dashboard.
Stripe states that a transfer has been submitted, but I have not received the money in my bank account yet. What is going on?
Stripe submits transfers every day, but most banks will only process the transfer on business days. This means that if Stripe sent you money on a holiday or a weekend, you will probably only receive the money in your bank account on the next day that your bank is open. For transfers sent on business days, you should receive the money by the next day.If the transfer was submitted on a business day and you don’t receive the money in your bank account within a couple of days, this probably means that the transfer has failed. Banks take 3-5 business days to inform Stripe about transfers that failed to go through, at which time Stripe will e-mail you about the issue and how to fix it.
What items are prohibited on GaleriaHumboldt?
This policy is part of our Terms of Use (insert link). By selling on GaleriaHumboldt, you are agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.
GaleriaHumboldt requires all sellers and users to abide by the laws of the jurisdictions in which you are operating and selling. If you are shipping items across international borders, we expect all members to follow the local laws of both the exporting and importing countries.
Therefore, even if an item is illegal in one country but legal in another, it would still be strictly prohibited in GaleriaHumboldt. GaleriaHumboldt does not allow any listing that through images or descriptions facilitate or promote illegal acts when applied under a specific context.
GaleriaHumboldt expects all users to only list items that are legal. All items must not present legal risks to our community, be inconsistent with GaleriaHumboldt values or harmful to our members.
Why is my product deleted/banned?
If any product does not adhere to the product policies in our terms of use, GaleriaHumboldt reserves the right to delete/ban it to maintain a comfortable environment for all users.